Joshua Keogh - Liberator Single - 6'6
Joshua Keogh - Liberator Single - 6'6
Joshua Keogh - Liberator Single - 6'6
Joshua Keogh - Liberator Single - 6'6

Joshua Keogh - Liberator Single - 6'6

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Hand shaped by Joshua Keogh (AUS) in France at UWL

The Liberator is Joshua Keogh's midlenght. It is a very easy board to ride for beginners to experienced surfers. It can be surfed from 6'6 to 7'6 in single fin or twin. It can be a comfort board or a performance board with a smaller volume.

Designed to be the all round board for those surfers that enjoy the surfing experience that a longer board provides, thanks to a longer rail line and lots of unique elements that makes it a Liberator.

Model: Liberator Single
Size: 6’6 x 21 x 2 5/8
Coloring technique: Tint (Color by pigmented resins)
Construction: PU (Polyurethane Foam + Polyester Resin)
Finish: Sanded
Fin Set Up: Single Fin

Joshua KEOGH (Australia)
The new rising star of the Australian alternative shape.

"My name is Joshua Keogh, I come from a small coastal town in Australia. The city is called Merimbula and is located in southern New South Wales, halfway between Sydney and Melbourne. In winter it is a sleepy seaside town with little going on and in summer it becomes a major tourist destination. It's also only 2 hours to the mountains, compared to Europe, our mountains are tiny, but in winter we can still get good snow cover and in summer there is mountain biking, trail running and fly fishing.

I'm actually half German, my mother came to Australia in her early twenties and that's when she met my father in Sydney. I have dual citizenship, so there is a strong desire for me to return to Germany at some point and reconnect with that part of my history.

Since I started surfing, I have always been filled with a great sense of wonder about surfboards. When I was 18 I suffered a back injury while surfing, it's a long story but basically I was out of the water for 18 months. This injury came at a time when my entire personal identity was tied to surfing, so to have it suddenly removed was pretty devastating. I started shaping as a way to always feel close to surfing and to maintain its presence in the fabric of my life.

One of my dad's close friends is a very experienced surfboard shaper in Australia, so while there he took me under his wing and taught me all the secrets, from there I bought my tools and started making surfboards for myself and my friends.

Today, I am proud to have pro surfers on my boards like Justin Quintal, Harrison Roach or Harry Bryant... "



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