Houdini - M's Activist Tee - True Black
Houdini - M's Activist Tee - True Black
Houdini - M's Activist Tee - True Black
Houdini - M's Activist Tee - True Black

Houdini - M's Activist Tee - True Black

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The perfect everyday t-shirt in soft, comfortable and quick-drying merino wool and Tencel. Great for climbing, hiking or any other adventure.

    Description & Features

    Have we finally created the perfect everyday t-shirt? Try on this super comfortable, highly versatile t-shirt made from our soft merino wool and Tencel fibres and see for yourself. The breathable and quick-drying materials provide a layer of tempered air that will keep you warm on your winter adventures and cool in the summer heat.

    At Houdini, we constantly strive to own fewer products that still fills several different occasions. A minimalistic lifestyle means less impact on our environment and less contribution to consumerism. We asked ourselves if it is possible to create a t-shirt that you can wear during your morning workout session and then take the same t-shirt to work. 

    The soft merino wool combined with biodegradable Tencel fibres does not only provide high comfort but is also odor resistant and quick-drying. Seams in no friction areas give you the feeling of wearing next to nothing. The fabric is also highly breathable and regulates your body temperature naturally and efficiently.

    Wear it as an extra base layer on colder days in the slopes or as a casual fitted t-shirt as you are sipping ice coffee on warm summer days. The natural performance materials in combination with the relaxed fit make for a garment that looks just as good with a pair of jeans as it does with hiking pants. Simply put, we believe that it is possible to wear one t-shirt for everything.

    • Regular fit
    • Renewable and biodegradable fibres
    • Recyclable
    • Circular product lifecycle
    • Natural anti-odor performance
    • Cap sleeve for better movement 
    • Effective moisture management 
    • Softer than plain merino 
    • Back drop
    • Weight 160 g

        Fabrics & Technology

        Main Fabric: Activist Treemerino™ wool

        Optimal organic solution for the future. A combination of merino wool and lyocell from Tencel® provides a softer touch than plain merino and an effective moisture management. Tencel® also increase the durability of the farbic while the merino wool transports moisture away from the skin and prevents odor in a natural way.

        • Origin: Sweden
        • 60% merino wool 20µ, 40% lyocell Tencel®
        • Weight: 170 g/sqm
        • Mulesing free merino wool from Australia and South Africa
        • Tencel® Lyocell from Lenzing in Austria (with EU Ecolabel)
        • Organic wool and cellulosic based renewable fiber
        • Softer than plain merino
        • Vapor and moisture management
        • Next-to-skin comfort
        • Mechanical stretch
        • Natural odor control
        • Biodegradable

          Care Instructions

          Wool material

          Wool is a fantastic material with natural bacterial and dirt resistance. Therefore, wool does not need to be washed after every use. Frequent washing has a negative effect on the wool's properties and unnecessarily wears down the garment. Instead, air your wool garments to reduce your water usage, save energy and make your garments last longer.

          • Use a washing bag to protect your garments.
          • Machine gentle wash at max 30 degrees, preferably with a wool program.
          • If you can, use wool detergents. Otherwise use mild, environmentally certified detergents and make sure to use the right dose. Select a detergent that has a neutral pH and no enzymes.
          • Avoid bleach and alkaline substances that raise the pH value. Also avoid enzymes such as protease or amylase since these can break down wool, which give this material its natural performance properties. This also applies to silk.
          • Avoid fabric softener. Besides being harmful for our environment, they have a negative impact on the garment performance, mainly moisture transportation and breathability.
          • Do not dry in tumble dryer.
          • Shape the garment after washing and lay flat to dry.
          • Wool is a natural and living material that can relatively easily be formed. Therefore, please store your wool garments folded and not on a hanger to avoid your garments losing shape.
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