XO COCO - Bliss - 5'10" (futures)
XO COCO - Bliss - 5'10" (futures)
XO COCO - Bliss - 5'10" (futures)
XO COCO - Bliss - 5'10" (futures)
XO COCO - Bliss - 5'10" (futures)

XO COCO - Bliss - 5'10" (futures)

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About the Bliss model:

A blend of tradition and progression. All the speed and fun of a twin fin combined with the progressiveness and performance of a modern shortboard. Compared with standard shortboards, Bliss gives you what you need to generate and maintain speed.

Dimensions: 5'10" x 18.75" x 2.63" (33.4 L) - futures fins

Gradient fade of pink blue and yellow with white rails

XO COCO is a surfboard label, reimagining surfboard design for the female athlete. The surfboard company is the result of a collaboration between professional surfer COCO HO and shaper Matt Parker. 

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