Standard Leash 7ft - White / Marbled


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- Large cuff (60mm)
- Smooth rotating stainless steel anti-rust swivel to eliminate tangling
- Ultra strong velcro
- Detachable rail saver
- Internal print
- Modom legrope string
- Interchangeable connection points to enable swapping between Modom cords


Standard Leash
  1. Detachable connector – fully interchangable with any modom cord or cuff
  2. Standard cuff – added security while retaining comfort and strength
  3. Ultra strong velcro – to secure your leash safely to your ankle in any surfing conditions
  4. Tapered modom connector to help eliminate weakpoints – designed to flex and bend with the cord and reduce tangling
  5. Smooth rotating stainless steel anti-rust swivels to minimise tangling
  6. 6ft competition width – 5.5mm polypropylene cord
  7. Modom leash string – used to connect your leash to your surfboard, duh

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