Light Waves Print 3 - 60x60cm framed


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60 by 60 cm framed print shot on Hasselblad by Saskia Koerner (


An exhibition celebrating the feminine spirit of women surfers whose lives are closely interwoven with their passion for surfing single fin boards.

This series of portraits is shot on a vintage Hasselblad analogue camera to truly capture the longstanding relationship women have with single fin surfing.

The camera takes a similar approach to capturing images as does the single fin to surfing. Both require precision and spot on technique, both resulting in beautiful posture and composition.

Single Fins are where we came from in surfing and the retro trend has brought a new wave of single fin riders. More women are gracing the line-ups than ever before and are tuning into the single fin movement.

The elegance of the female form combined with the single fin surfboard results in a graceful dance on the water that is truly quite mesmerizing.

In Bali, I have met an entire tribe of single fin female surfers and we see each other every sunrise in the water. With this portrait series, I want to express the beauty and elegance of these dancers in the sea.

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