Lannoo - Moments before the Flood


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It now seems to be generally acknowledged that climate change, partly caused by human activity, will lead to a dramatic rise of the sea level in this century . Some predict an increase of tens of centimetres, others as much as a few metres. Moments Before the Flood is a visual, photographic investigation of Europe’s response to this unpredictable threat. The continent will feel the impact most keenly along its coasts, where the mainland feels less like solid ground, the Old World crumbles into the waves, and the future menaces the past. From the rocky West Coast of Ireland to the salt marshes and mud flats of the northern Netherlands and the beaches of the Aegean, the coast is a perennially unstable phenomenon, the question mark of the mainland. That is precisely what makes it such a fascinating subject for a photographic study of uncertainty. This project does not focus solely on the future hazard, but also looks at earlier forms of coastal protection in European history and reflects on how “Fortress Europe” is dealing with other kinds of flows and floods today.


By: Carl De Keyzer
Release Date: 15/15/2012
Format: 33cm x 33cm
Features: Full color, hardcover, 272 pages
Language: English


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