Hayden Shapes - 5'10 Hayden Shapes Misc. FF - FCS II

Hayden Shapes - 5'10 Hayden Shapes Misc. FF - FCS II

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We wanted to design a twin to progress your surfing; not to dumb it down. The MISC. is an extraordinary twin (or 2+1) that will actually ride like your performance board — top to bottom — but you’ll be flying around the wave with that drag-free twin fin feeling. Astoundingly drivey, super-quick and loose above the lip when searching for release, the MISC. is a team-rider favourite, now available for those wanting that elusive performance twin.

The MISC. is a performance 2+1 model that benefits from the speed of a twin but holds like a thruster when you surf it top to bottom. For surfers who are looking to spice up their quiver and know how to navigate sections to maximise a waves potential.


The MISC. will perform in nearly all conditions. The flat rocker will plane through surface chop and you'll be making sections you never thought were possible.


Anything from beach breaks, reef to point breaks. The MISC. will perform in anything under head high.

5'10" X 20 1/4" X 2 5/8" - 34.37L