Captain Fin - Former x CI - Twad Fins
Captain Fin - Former x CI - Twad Fins

Captain Fin - Former x CI - Twad Fins

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Former / Channel Islands - TWAD Fins

Dane Reynolds and Britt Merrick haven been working together a long time. The latest collaboration of this famous relationship is the CI/FORMER TWAD board and fin set (and board sock) that started as a hand shape Britt did for Dane when het requested a parallel railed curvy-rocketed twin. This combination evolved into the Toad, a twin and a quad.
The board and fin set up have twin fin sensibilities with trailing fins that are smaller and placed more closely to the twins than normal quads. This creates a board that feels uniquely loose but solid. Dane and Britt then designed and hand cut the templates for each fin and the result is this amazing set built for a limited release. 
Developed  by modifying and shrinking the classic upright "MTF" (AMT) twin and then doubling the baby trailer while modifying the shape. It has a twin fin feel without the release at critical point of turn. 

Front Height: 5.375 - Base: 5 - Area: 19.76 - Foil: Flat
Quad Height: 2.875 - Base: 3.33 - Area: 6.32 - Foil: Flat
Construction: Fiberglass