Campbell Brothers - Bonzer "Racey Bee" - 5'7"
Campbell Brothers - Bonzer "Racey Bee" - 5'7"

Campbell Brothers - Bonzer "Racey Bee" - 5'7"

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The Campbell Brothers are some of California's most notable legendary shapers and play a key role in surf history for the development of the Bonzer fin concept. Lucky for us, Campbell Brothers are alive and well and still pumping out quality hand shaped bonzers for all to enjoy. Their Bumblebee model is our go to rippable short board style bonzer, it's design allows for ease when laying into tight radius turns in the pocket and uses its moderate volume and wider tail to cary its speed through softer sections. This three fin style bonzer dates all the way back to 1970 where the Campbell Brothers developed the first bonzer design. 

A custom blend between the Bumblebee and the 3D Bonzer. A fun, quick step-down. The modern hybrid outline, low rocker, and wide arc tail create lift while the long base of the Bonzer side fins provides timeless speed and projection. Designed to be ridden your same height or shorter.

5’7” x 19”3/4 x 2 1/2” - Bonzer5