DEFLOW -  Luc Rolland - Sol
DEFLOW -  Luc Rolland - Sol
DEFLOW -  Luc Rolland - Sol

DEFLOW - Luc Rolland - Sol

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Deflow Luc Rolland Sol

Luc Rolland represents that lineage of shapers with an artistic streak: potter, jewelry designer, electric car designer…everything is used to express his creativity. With an unmistakable style and lines, Luc has attracted the attention of surfers who are looking not only for a board to catch waves but also for that aesthetic enjoyment that we undoubtedly find in his work.

We are grateful that our paths have crossed and that we can present the collaboration between Deflow and Luc Rolland.

“I first designed this fin back in 2015 when I was shaping an 11,5” epoxy for myself. I had already tried a similar idea but didn’t work. I made myself a fin with a simple concept. Both front and behind lines with progressive proportional development, and with a sensitive flex. In addition, the square tip helps to turn on the wave. This shape can work on modern shapes and also on noseride longboards.” words by Luc Rolland


Base: 181mm

Height: 252mm / 9,9″

Flex: Little