Channel Islands -  Rocket Wide 6'0 - (futures)

Channel Islands - Rocket Wide 6'0 - (futures)

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Introducing the Rocket Wide.  The incredibly user-friendly cousin of the Rocket 9.

“My brothers and I loved the speed and control we were feeling with the Rocket 9 and we wanted to see how we could apply those same levels of fun and performance to a board for small and gutless waves.  The Rocket Wide features a wider tail block to skate across flat sections and a wider nose area to accommodate for better paddle power.  It’s a shorter, wider skate machine designed to lift the fun factor when the waves are not a their best.  So don’t let those small days get you down cause the Rocket Wide is ready for blast off!!” - Dane 

Dimension: 6'0" x 20 1/2 x 2 3/4 - 37L

Fin Set-Up: Futures 

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