Catch Surf


Born from the surf culture of Southern-California, Catch Surf is all about fun and good vibes. At HAVEN surf you find the best Catch soft tops available in Europe. All Catch boards are designed by surfers in San Clemente, California, USA. Looking for a Catch Beater, Catch 54, Catch Skipper or a Catch LOG? We’ve got you covered. Catch Surf and therefore HAVEN surf have a whole quiver of Catch boards to bring Europe the best of fun. The Catch Surf quiver: The Catch surf Beater is an all-rounder. Ride it with two fins, finless, lying down or standing up straight. You will have a blast on the Catch Beater. The Catch Odysea Skipper can be seen as a hybrid between performance shortboard and a softop. It’s made to ride serious waves and The Catch Odysea Skipper has your back when you go for serious moves.Want to Catch all the waves in the ocean? Go for the Catch Odysea Log. The Catch LOG has a classic look and feel but with added mega-hyper-super-float performance so you can catch waves with this Catch Log with ease and even with style